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Wound dressing know-how – Smarten up on treating the most frequent minor injuries, and find the right wound dressing from a selection of universal and high-tech solutions.

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Do not play down a small wound: Every small impairment of your skin deserves attention and the right treatment, so that your skin can heal off perfectly. Fortunately, today’s wound dressings incorporate the latest medical technologies and come in different shapes, structures and sizes.

Let us guide you through some special solutions that you might not even know about – or did you know that today’s generation of Hansaplast plasters can even prevent scarring and scabs? Become the master of your small injury by finding out what is new and best – and get it right next time a small injury happens.

Sensitive Skin?


 Have you never been a great fan of wound dressing because you have sensitive skin? Then you might want to choose a plaster from the extra skin-friendly Sensitive range.

This range comes in different sizes to cover different wound sizes.

Large Scrapes: Coverage Xxl

Scrapes or abrasions that cover a large area of skin should be covered up so that they can heal off better. The Sterile XXL plaster offers coverage that larger wounds need and come in two different versions, according to the needs you may have. The Hansaplast Aqua Protect XXL Plaster helps prevent infection with a waterproof layer and is ideal for showering, washing and bathing. The Hansaplast Sensitive Sterile XXL Plaster offers skin friendly wound coverage as well as soft and breathable material along with its large size.

Scratches And Cuts

'If you’ve suffered a cut or a scratch (see instant help cuts and grazes): The first thing to do is to clean and, if necessary, disinfect the wound, i.e. with Hansaplast Wound Spray and make sure that debris or small objects are removed.

If the wound bleeds intensely, such as is sometimes the case with cuts in the face or on a finger, stop the bleeding by applying pressure with a sterile bandage.

Depending on where your wound is located, choose a matching wound dressing. For example, minor wounds in the face can discreetely be covered with Hansaplast Transparent strips. A larger scratched area, such as on the knee, will need a strong plaster such as from the Hansaplast Extra Tough or Aqua Protect Sterile XL/XXL ranges. 

Plaster Design: Form Follows Function

Depending on where your wound is located, there are different choices of plasters, which will offer the ideal shape, size, material or adhesion tailored to your specific needs.

Find your ideal plaster in the Hansaplast range. Wounds in the face and on visible body parts can discreetely be covered with Hansaplast Transparent strips, which are almost invisible on skin.

Small cuts and scrapes can be covered by Hansaplast Universal, which are water resistant and repels dirt and bacteria.

Greater patches of skin, such as on knees or elbows, are ideally covered with a Hansaplast Aqua Protect Sterile XL/XXL or Hansaplast Sensitive Sterile XXL.

Childrens' Cuts And Abrasions

Children often fall during sports or playtime, injuring themselves with a graze or a cut. There are child-friendly ways to treat these minor, yet painful injuries, so that misfortunes are quickly forgotten.

Check out the skin friendly Hansaplast Kids Plasters with fun motives to collect, such as Mickey & Friends, Frozen II & Princess. ©Disney

Teenagers who hurt themselves while doing sports might prefer the durability of Hansaplast Extra Tough.
In order to give your family the best woundcare there is, you should stock up on plasters in different shapes and sizes.

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